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Commuting in African countries can be difficult. We help commuters make smarter public transport decisions by providing them with all the information and tools they need to move from point A to point B.

  • Intracity – within cities
  • Intercity – between cities
  • On-Demand – whenever needed


Tuverl equips drivers with technology allowing them to pick up more commuters, travel shorter distances, and drive more trips.

  • Minibuses – short distances
  • Buses – long distances
  • Taxis – within cities and towns


Public transport operators

With no transparent means to verify the number of trips drivers make or revenue collected; owners of Public Transport vehicles are handicapped when it comes to understanding their businesses. Tuverl provides much-needed transparency in the Public Transport Industry.

Local authorities

With a trove of data, that would otherwise cost Local Governments a lot of money to gather, we seek to help Local Authorities better shape well informed public transport policies.

Now available in Zimbabwe!

Want your city to be next?

Operators and city officials can contact us for information on new cities we are launching.