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Current State of Public Transport

Public Transport in African countries is highly inefficient.

Our Solution

Tuverl leverages, Real-Time Vehicle Tracking, Geolocation, and Fintech to improve and optimize Public Transport in cities and rural areas of African countries; starting with Zimbabwe.

  • Book a bus
  • Live track minibuses
  • Make digital payments
  • Rate your trips



Tuverl helps operators optimize routes using commuter locating technology. Wait times are decreased for commuters while operators increase the number of commuters per trip.


Through the significant reduction of wait times, commuters can make better use of their time, this usually means arriving at work on time, or spending more time with family.


We make routes to work shorter, that means less CO2 in the environment. We also make those routes more pleasant for everyone, that means more riders. More riders, shorter routes, less CO2.

Now available in Zimbabwe!

Want your city to be next?

Operators and city officials can contact us for information on new cities we are launching.